As a licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY#24924), I divide my time between providing:

  • Integrative psychotherapy for adults and couples,
  • Executive leadership coaching with organizational leaders, specifically CEOs
  • Research and development of self- and 360-assessment tools and training programs for Inspirational Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence.
The three lines of work have grown out of my own experience and my wish to be of service and to support others in providing the kinds of services I have benefited from in my own healing, growth, and development.

To learn about my work as an integrative psychologist offering counseling and psychotherapy services for adults and couples, please visit my psychotherapy website at www.yosiamram.com.

To read about my organizational work and leadership coaching as a counselor, confidant, and coach for CEOs, please see my coaching web site at www.yamram.com.

To learn about my Inspirational Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence self- and 360-assessment tools, coaching and development programs please visit my Intelligensi website at www.intelligensi.com.

You can also read some of my research and academic papers on this site.

If you are interested exploring any of these further, please feel free to contact me via phone or email.